FHI Journey

It was just another Sunday in the 2nd half of 2017, when Vishal Mimani & Preetham Murva visited the Government Primary School at Srirampura – Bangalore which houses 30 under privileged girls who were either without one or both parents, abandoned at birth, or from extremely poor and disturbed families. We had thought it to be just another Sunday where time would have been spent with the children and some goodies shared, but that was not to be.

The school has just received their 31st girl, Simran. She seemed not prepared to adjust to her new environment and was sitting quietly in a corner. Having been saved from trafficking, this school was to become her new home with a lot of new friends and guardians.

We tried to involve her in the activities we had planned, but she just was just too shy and disturbed. We took out the art and craft material we had bought and started to involve everyone. Seeing our enthusiasm and the smiles everyone was sharing, we had Simran come to us, pull our shirts and say, I want to paint too. We were delighted and even more after 30 minutes seeing her creativity. An 11 year old with such beautiful imagination.

Immediately it dawned on us, if this is what she is doing now, we wondered what she’d do with some confidence, encouragement, the right tools, a healthy environment, and some skill development.

It is this incident which gave birth to Fly Higher India (an initiative of the APMVM Foundation). It was identified:

1. Given some encouragement, confidence and skills these kids would shine

2. Many students and working professionals were looking for a platform to join a team, visit such schools and make a difference

3. Donors were looking for the right place to contribute and for the material actually required

Once our story was up on social media soon not only our family and friends but even a larger network of individuals connected with us and wished to be a part of Fly Higher India. We are now in 12 cities across India, with over 500 very passionate volunteers coming from various backgrounds and education streams, all coming together to develop life skills and make their own and someones Sunday joyful.

We are together focused towards making a “positive transformation”.