About Us

For a child to succeed in school, both physical and mental concerns ought to be addressed. These are inter related and influence the child’s overall progress. FLY HIGHER INDIA is committed to providing fun filled and stimulating learning experiences to children. The workshops not only provide information, but also, enable children to understand concepts and acquire newer skills, thereby encouraging them to develop emotionally, intellectually, socially as well as spiritually. The sessions are a combination of forming small groups with 5 to 6 participants to allow more personal interaction as well as in large group with greater interpersonal focus. Such workshops are interactive, and participative to keep focus and enrich the child’s learning experience.

Fly Higher India (FHI), an initiative of the APMVM Foundation has been working to instil life skills and imbibe confidence in the underprivileged children and youth across India since 2017.

Nationally a theme is decided for each onth, focussing on a specific life skill