About Us

Fly Higher India (FHI), an initiative of the APMVM Foundation has been working tirelessly to instil life skills and imbibe confidence in the underprivileged children and youth across India since 2017.

With science and commerce evolving at a rapid pace, several new career options have opened up in the last two decades. However, to utilise these opportunities one must be prepared to survive in increasingly competitive work environments. To excel in such circumstances, apart from academic intelligence each youth should possess a specific set of qualities and life skills which help distinguish them from others. This vital skill set is to be nurtured and developed from childhood. 

FHI works to bridge this gap and help our underprivileged children tap their fullest potential through execution of structured programs which have been developed in collaboration with professionals and counsellors of varied expertise. 

The unfaltering energy of our young volunteers coupled with the wisdom of our advisors makes FHI the perfect platform which unlocks the doors to boundless opportunities for our less fortunate children. 

Nationally a theme is decided for each onth, focussing on a specific life skill