An amazing way by Aakancha Shaw

By Volunteer Aakancha Shaw, FHI Kolkata

Before we talk about the importance of social work, let’s understand what is social work.

According to Google,

“Social work is the work done by individuals for the benefit of the society” 

According to me, it’s not only about the benefit of the society but also the benefits of the individual. How? Let’s talk about it in detail.

If you indulge in social work, You Have a Variety of Opportunities,There is Room to Grow, You Can Make a Difference, You Can Apply Your Core Values to Your Work.


Why is social work important?

Social workers recognize the primary importance of human relationships. They understand that relationships between people are important vehicles for change, advocacy and equity.

The major question that arises is why do I want to indulge in social activities?

The answer would be as simple as “to see the smiling faces of the kids, to understand and strive to improve the lives of people in society and to bring about a positive change in the lives of people .”

Now. Why FHI (Fly Higher India)?

Because this is one of the best platforms that I have come across. It inculcates moral values and knowledge in the children by means of fun based activities. This is the best part about it that it involves the “fun” part which excites the children and in this way they also get to learn many things and thus the motive of FHI is fulfilled.     

img-20191221-wa0023.jpgI have attended one event of FHI and I’m really impressed with the agenda and the methodical plan of action. The implementation of ideas is very smooth and really impressive. It’s a privilege to be part of such organization that doesn’t believe in showing off but excels in their motive so smoothly and in such an amazing way. The idea of inculcating values and knowledge in the children through the fun activities are not just big phrases. They are implemented here in FHI. 

No second thoughts, great going FHI.

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